Are you ready for Medlab in Dubai?

We are excited to present T&O’s solution for automated tube registration and sorting of specimen at the upcoming MedLab in Dubai.

Like all ATRAS bulk loader and sorter, the ATRAS TS offers a variety of opportunities to optimize the work flow in clinical laboratories and commercial labs. Installed at the sample reception area, the ATRAS TS is constantly ready to register and sort all incoming tubes. Your reception area is already automated? Then explore even further options to increase your efficiency in later process steps, such as using the ATRAS for sub-sorting blood tubes inside the hematology department itself.

Due to its small footprint, the ATRAS TS is the perfect automated solution for low to medium sized laboratories with limited space requirements.

Are you curious to hear more about the advantages and options of including the ATRAS into your laboratory process? Then come by and visit T&O LabSystems at booth Z2 - H31a in Dubai!

ATRAS TS bulk loader sorter preanalytics