Rack sorter and bulk loader for efficient sample processing in the sample reception area



Bulk-to-rack registration and sorting

Expanding bulk-to-bulk sorting by bulk-to-rack sorting the ATRAS RS goes one step further.

  • 2 options available:

    a) The tubes are sorted into one rack per rack module

    — Ideal for a high throughput

    b) The tubes are sorted into 3 different racks per rack module

    — Ideal for detailed sub-sorting

  • Arbitrary combination of rack and bulk modules

  • Intelligent software control for efficient processing

  • Throughput: Over 500 tubes/h per rack module

  • All common sample tubes

  • Works with/without LIS-connection

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In Detail

Sample registration
Sample tubes are registered via a high-performance barcode scanner for a fast and reliable sample tube identification.

Cap-color identification
A unique, in-house developed spectrometer identifies the cap-color of every single tube enabling a plausibility check between tube type and corresponding barcode.

Sorting rules
Sorting of tubes occurs by customer-defined rules based on cap-color and/or barcode information or by LIS-transmitted rules. Wipers smoothly guide the tubes into target bins.

External bin for samples in question.

User interface
Intuitive and simple operation via colored touchscreen.

Bulk loader
Easy and continuous sample loading in bulk, with a capacity of up to 600 tubes.